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Colony Lakes

General Documentation
 Articles of Incorporation
 Deed Restrictions
 Notice of Dedicatory Instruments 2012
 By-Law Quorum Amendment
 Colony Lakes Map
 Fine Schedule
 Waste Schedule of Rates
 HOA Board Application
 2016 Municipal Solid Waste Provider


Meeting Documents
 2019 August Board Meeting Agenda
 2019 July Board Meeting Agenda
 2019 June Board Meeting Minutes
 2019 June Board Meeting Agenda
 2019 May Board Meeting Minutes
 2019 May Board Meeting Agenda
 2019 April Board Meeting Agenda
 2019 March Board Meeting Minutes
 2019 March Board Meeting Agenda
 2019 February Board Meeting Minutes
 2019 February Board Meeting Agenda
 2019 January Board Meeting Minutes
 2019 January Board Meeting Agenda
 2018 December Board Meeting Minutes
 2018 December Board Meeting Agenda
 2018 October Board Meeting Minutes
 2018 October Board Meeting Agenda
 2018 September Board Meeting Minutes
 2018 September Board Meeting Agenda
 2018 August Board Meeting Minutes
 2018 August Board Meeting Agenda
 2018 July Board Meeting Minutes
 2018 July Board Meeting Agenda
 2018 June Board Meeting Minutes
 2018 June Board Meeting Agenda
 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes
 2016 Annual Meeting Agenda
 2016 Annual Meeting Proxy Form
Architectural Control Committee 
Procedure for ACC Applications:
1. Complete the application form including all relevant information as requested.
2. All applications for home modifications are to be sent to Crest Management for initial review.
3. After verification that all necessary documents have been submitted, applications will be forwarded to the ACC Committee.
4. The ACC Committee will give recommendations to the Board.
5. The Board will complete final review and approval and notify Crest of its decision.
6. Crest will notify the applicant of acceptance or rejection.